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Search engine spiders effect without sitemap

  Mar 14, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

Search engine spiders effect without sitemap.

Hey Guys, hope you are optimizing well with your  WebPages. Hold  your search for a while and check this article, as I had promised you to continue my series "Understanding Search engines  - Insights of indexing", I have tried to explain crawling methodology of spiders without Sitemaps.

So the next question in the series is, What is their methodology  without sitemap?

It doesn't matter if you don't have a sitemap for your website.  Search engine's can still crawl your WebPages.  The question is how?  Have you noticed,   if you create webpage using some kind of CMS or some webpage developer tool, there in some basic tags are automatically generated like title, description and keywords etc. These are called meta tags.

Where you add your keywords to be indexed by search engine spiders. If you don't place any keywords there, domain name is taken as the default title for your webpage which is nothing but one of your keyword for your website. And sometimes  keywords and description tags  take their content based on the  textual content   of your  page you add in.

Besides these 3 tags, you also have other tags, if created properly will help search engines to crawl and index your pages.

The best example would be a meta robots tag. Where we can mention whether to index particular page or not and also whether to follow other pages or not.

We can define following  actions  as per our requirement.

1) Instruct crawlers to index particular page and follow all the inner pages.

2) Instruct crawlers not to index particular page, but follow other pages.

3) Instruct crawlers to index particular page and not to follow other pages.

4) Instruct crawlers not to index and do not follow other pages as well.

Above criteria will surely work , But it takes unestimated time and hence the  results will be slow. Whereas if wish to get known to popular search engine like Google,  it's easy and fast. 

So just create xml sitemap and submit it using  Google webmaster tool and let Search engine know that your website exists and guide them to index you faster.

   I hope this article will help you understand better  the crawl criteria of search engines.

Will continue with more interesting question in the same series in coming articles.

Any question, comments and suggestions are most welcome. You can  post your queries on our forum . Join Forum discussions.

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