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Keyword density in website - understanding search engine

  Jun 9, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

The most important crawlable stuff of search engine is keyword rich content as in that part of website with target keywords on your content page. The division has to be based on google’s algorithm, i.e; without stuffing the page with the desired list of tags. Content should be intended for visitor’s satisfaction rather than search engine satisfaction, because in a way satisfying visitors we would be following search engine rules.


In general page can be divided into 3 or to maximum 5 parts:

1) Header section

2) Left or right sidebar menu

3) Main body

4) Footer section

5) Left or right section in the body for the latest blogs, tweet or news.


So we can arrange keywords in the above sections. The division has to be in such a way that  maximum scope is in the body section. The main section which most of the time is overlooked is permanent url structure, Should be taken into consideration as crawler starts traversing in from there. Try using targeted keywords in url or more specifically in the content page urls’s.


   So, conclusion is search engine play with keywords if you are newbie as in freshly launching a web marketing campaign, try using long tail keywords. More on long tail keywords in coming articles.

    Hope you would like this article. Stay connected for latest updates on “Understanding search engines”.


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