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Invest once and multiply your leads

  Mar 12, 2014    nitin_jenwal  

Invest once and multiply your leads - Lead Management Solution

Trade shows for marketing, buying a list of prospect customers and similar mass marketing techniques, are so not in, in this completely new marketing era. No cold calling to new customers, in the hope of cracking the lead and transform  it  to conversion.

So the criteria were traditional marketing strategy use to generate a lead and data was then handed to sales teams and they would convince those leads  for using the service or product.

As the marketing era has changed, it's more of sure short sales criteria. You surely can't deny the power  of search engine optimization and social media activities. Which does affects your Return On Investment (ROI). Inquiries or interests in your product or service can be surely converted  to sales.

It becomes advantageous to sales peoples to crack those leads to customers.

Interest or inquiry says visitors to your portal are partly convinced and its half win situation. Now it's up to your experience and quality of your product to leverage the advantage of that lead, and make it complete Win-Win situation.

You need to manage those partly interested customers or leads all in one place, As those leads would be future clients, by  sending them personalized emails. Sort them according to priority of hot, cold, new leads. You should be aware of the source of your leads to treat them accordingly based on their query or enquiry. The leads might come to you  from any source say if you have a blog, a webpage, or  forum. Your source of lead could be from some social media portal as well, or FoBB's unique service called capture pages as in the professional capture pages, so it could be any things. The idea over here is how would you manage those leads?. The answer is with FoBB's Lead Manager. All the above task can be easily performed using this App.

It's  affordable and easy to deploy  Lead management solution.

So start converting your raw inquiries to sales ready leads.

Besides Lead manager, we have all social media apps which will help get your leads and grow your network. So just FoBBin and grow your Network with proper strategy and see the difference.


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